Sunday, May 9, 2010

a new church

Hi everyone, this is John. I wanted to share with you a photo of our church. This is Kisayhip "B" Church which is in the village where we will develop the site for our ministry.
The photo is of some leaders in the church and me. We are all on the Building Committee to build a new church building. The church in the photo is packed full with about 150 people each week. It is really tight so the church has decided to build a building that will accommodate 400 people. It reminds me of the line from Field of Dreams "you build it and they will come". The existing church is about 20years old and is built with mud blocks and a stone foundation. It has actually held up pretty well, don't you think?
We are in the beginning stages trying to develop the design and the budget so please pray for wisdom. The men on the committee are great guys and are committed leaders which makes it exciting to be a part of their team.
Ultimately, the village will build the new church around the existing one so that we can use the existing church as much as possible until the new one is finished. I will keep you posted on progress once the church starts construction.
What is great is that the church will use the members to build. I know in the US we do that a lot and have work days, but I have a feeling this is a little different. Community involvement is really the only way to accomplish such a big task with the limited resources that people have. Their time and work is a great resource.
Thanks for letting me share this with you. Again, please pray for wisdom and guidance.

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  1. great to hear john! praying for wisdom! if you need my great carpentry skills let me know, i mean, i did successfully complete my courses!

    kathryn gurley