Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my three children

Good morning. Today is marking Sarah's last full day of elementary school. It is weird to me that she is old enough to go onto middle school. She seems too young. She also seems sad, hmmm.... in this picture anyway... Anyway, my mind is distracted lately as school is getting out for their holiday break (it is not summer here, just rainy season). There have been lots of school chapels, class awards and parties, concerts, art shows and encouragement to teachers and friends.

As my mind and heart feel heavy I just want to pass on these pictures of my three children. PLUS, maybe I found some cool effects on how to do pictures so I am experimenting some... heeheehee.

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  1. I love that John looks like he has a MOHAWK standing in front of the "May" calendar! What a punk rocker he is!