Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday at Hillcrest, the 4th grade class (Gus's) decided to do a fundraiser to help out a family in need. So, they decided a bake sale was the way to go. Isn't it always the way to go??? Below is Gus, with his teacher, Nanniy and his good friend, Debbo.The parents could contribute what they wanted and then the elementary school, middle and high schoolers could come and buy during lunch. Well, it ended up being more than just a bake sale. There was jollof rice, fried rice, pizza, spring rolls, minerals (soda), water, every kind of cookie and brownie and muffin imaginable. It was a lot of fun as we saw each class take their turn to purchase any goods. Below is Sami's class (she has the red shirt on facing the other direction). They made about $560 USD. Not bad for 20 students.
While the bake sale was going on, my mom and Emilee, Peyton and myself were sitting and enjoying a lunch with Sarah and her friend and Sami. While we were eating Sarah and Andrea (pictured below) started putting together this sandwich (so they called it) and eating it. I asked what it was and it is a chip (large, flat french fry), a puff puff ball (basically a donut hole without the glaze topping), some suya (a grilled meat substance that has been grilled) and then another chip. I did not like the look of it as they convinced me this is what they do each week when they buy the school food. Supposedly they LOVE it..... who knows.
Here is a close up of it. So, next time you are at McDonald's and you are eating your McRib or McChicken sandwich, you can think of my children eating their McHillcrest and you can feel better knowing you are actually probably eating something more healthy than my children.
You want a McHillcrest too? Again the ingredients you ask? Chip, PuffPuff, suya and Chip.....

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