Saturday, May 1, 2010

african jungle

Okay, so here is the thing.....
You will see that I have put more pictures of these plants than I have on any other post. Here is the reason: I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE A LITTLE AFRICAN JUNGLE ON MY PROPERTY!!!! (I stole that name from a friend, thanks Sara).

We went yesterday to our versions of greenhouses here in Nigeria. The first and last picture are of the "place" and the lady, Mary, who helped us figure out what needed sun, what needed water, shade, how to trim, etc... She was super helpful.

Anyway, we have done some renovations to our compound and we are coming close to an end and there was something missing.

Truth be told, our compound is extremely small and we have for the most part covered up all dirt areas and so now we have a little compound covered with concrete. Sooooo, in an effort to green it up a bit, we bought a bunch of plants to jungle it up a bit. I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, I wish you all could come and visit and see it for yourself. Especially before they all die. I am not necessarily known for my green thumb. BUT, I think I am turning over a leaf and these will survive.

These pictures are just of different angles of our home, the new little apartment in the back, our front porch, our little garden we are making slowly, etc...
I hope by looking at these pictures you can picture our home a bit more. So even though these are not necessarily ministry pictures or even of life outside my home and definitely not of a real african jungle (just my little home version).... these are my favorite ones to share in this particular moment.....

Have a great Sunday!


  1. How is the new place coming along for Mom and Dad? any pics?

  2. LOVE the jungle - it will make a huge difference!

  3. this looks way better than half of a wooden elephant!