Thursday, April 29, 2010

little women

Last night the school started their performances of the musical, "Little Women". John decided early on that he wasn't too interested in sitting for four hours to watch it so us girls made the decision to make it a little women night.

I love my girls and am so thankful for Sarah and Samantha. They are getting to an age where our discussions can be real and deep. The night was enjoyable for us as so was John's and Gus's night to whatever little men do when no girls are around.

This is the three of us right before we entered the production on our school grounds. Gosh, all three of us are looking older (bummer for me huh??) Because the production was 4 hours long there was an intermission where zata, jollof rice and beef kabobs were served. All of it was delicious (with a little spice kick to it) as I am realizing that my kids don't know "true" american food (bummer for them huh??). Oh well, it is our life and theirs as well. I think my favorite part of the evening was the realization of sisters and how sisters can help you overcome anything in life that comes your way. So, I am thankful that Sami and Sarah have each other as I am also thankful for all my sisters, Kelley, Jodi, Cheryl, Beth, Jeni and Julie. And that does not even include spiritual sisters which I am just as grateful for them. They are all gifts to me.


  1. Four hours of Little Women that is quite a production. Did you all enjoy it? Was it the high schoolers that put it on? On May 13th we will have our first production here in SMCA. Its SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK LIVE. Wish your kids could be here to be in it. We miss you all. Enjoy your little women time. I miss not having that. Especially with all the baby girls on campus.(Hannah and Elianna, Ana Sofia (ellen and oscar's girl). These are special times they will always remember.

  2. Little Women was the first full length novel I ever read - my uncle gave it to me as a Christmas gift in 3rd grade - still one of my favs . . . I'm so glad you were able to have some GIRL time!