Sunday, April 11, 2010

a well watered garden in a dry season

Isaiah 58:11
"The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."

So, it happened at the end of last week, our well ran dry. It is the end of dry season and we are not too surprised. There are different types of wells and water systems here. We have a well that is a traditional one. It isn't too deep and the water is full of bacteria and parasites; therefore, we have to clean our water before we use it in our home. Some people who live in town get water from the city. This water is even dirtier and you are also at the mercy of their timing: when you receive it, how much you get, etc... A lot of our missionary friends have this system (just because of where they live). Another way to receive water is from a borehole. It is a deep well that gets you clean water and doesn't run dry. These, of course, are the ones you want but they are pretty expensive. Not many have these, but this type is the type we personally raise funds for the villages we work with or children's home who might not have it.

We noticed our water becoming really, really warm and the pressure becoming less and less. This is such a bummer. It is interesting because I have never been in an environment where water wasn't just available, you know what I mean? You take for granted that when you turn on your faucet, water comes out. Now, we stopped taking for granted the idea of clean water coming out, but we still took it for granted that water comes out. So, again, we found ourselves relying on the Lord for the basic necessities.

Not even one day went by (without doing laundry or taking super fast showers) when our landlord offered to feed us from his borehole water into our tank. Praise God huh!!! His name is Bayo and he has been such answer to many, many prayers. He is a believer and goes out of his way to help us, encourage us, offer his advice and opinions and just lead us down a good path here in Nigeria. The Lord is providing during this season and because of our landlord's kindness, our frames were strengthened and we see the hope of the Lord with every watering moment.

These pictures are of just random water/well pictures. The top is the breaking point of a borehole drilling. It is during this moment when the threshold has been drilled through and fresh water comes out for the first time. Usually it is followed by cheers from those watching.

The next two are of village kids who are enjoying fresh water for the first time. The wells were drilled by our partner ministry, SSE (Self Sustaining Enterprises). I always enjoy going to those ceremony. It is such a reminder that is the Lord who provides water and a water that will never run dry.

The next one is of an irrigation system set up in the middle of a dry desert area. My husband ran across this one when he was walking with some men. He said it was really cool to see how the system was all set up.

Lastly, is of a girl named Anges whom I have just fallen in love with. She is standing next to a well system that is used by the children's home OLA that we work alongside.

We praise God for the water for the moment and trust him for the continual provisions of the day.

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