Wednesday, April 14, 2010

summer winds come and go

Some of you may have heard (those of you connected with Back2Back anyway) that our summer internship and summer groups have been rescheduled, for the Nigeria side. As a ministry we always have the safety of our groups in mind and even though things are calm right now, the decision was made to go more on the cautious side and we, as staff, are going to "dive deep" into the ministry.
As much as we are super sad, we are starting to realize that God always works out of His Plan A and He is not surprised or shocked by how things are shaping up for us as a ministry. The picture above is of the interns last summer (first term). Just a little tribute...
These are some rock formations at a hiking boulder area called Gog and Agog. It is super fun to hike, small spaces, going through goat and monkey poop. We took the interns there last summer as part of our training...
This market area is common that we pass on the way to the Kisayhip Village. It is a bit congested, but you can pretty much find whatever fruit and vegetable you want.
This is a typical village pod. It is taken at Miango Rest Home where we had a midsummer break with our all summer interns. You remember Miango Rest Home, right? Where we just had our retreat. There is a beautiful gazebo that is at the highest point on the property and it overlooks a huge field/village.
This picture reminds me of how weather changes so quickly. Summer winds may come and go and our ministry plans may come and go (with much prayer for the record) but the Word of the Lord lasts forever and ever. Amen!! Isn't this the coolest picture, purple skies!!


  1. I love your outlook Corrie, Been praying a lot for you all.

  2. Corrie and John - I have to say that Reed was extremely disappointed that the internship opportunity in Nigeria did not pan out, and seeing these pix of last year's group and of the area I understand why. But we are grateful for the wisdom and discernment of those at Back2Back who made the call after thoughtful and prayerful consideration, and so we know it is "right". Prayers are with you always!!! And so excited to hear that you are drawing more missionaries to join you in Jos! We will definitely buy t-shirts to add to our Back2Back collection from Mexico.

    The Carons

  3. That picture is amazing! What a photographer! ;) -Mark T.