Thursday, April 8, 2010


FYI - this is my 200th post!! Can you believe it? Me neither.....

I went to a children's home yesterday and on my way, I was very aware of the traffic in our larger neighborhood. This road below is the road right outside of our street. But before I even got to this traffic jam, I had to pause for some billy goats who were hijacking a feed store, wait for some pigs to pass (they are the cutest to me everytime, not sure why, but I love the piggies) and when I did get to this pausing moment, I just had to capture the moment.

Thankfully since I was on my way to a children's home, I had my camera. The tricky thing with this picture is I had to wait right outside a military checkpoint. I was nervous they would not be very happy with me snapping (that is what they call it here to "take" a picture; they "snap" a picture). But, no wahala (that means "no worries" -- I know, I know, I am sooo nigerian), no one said a thing to me and I have this great picture. What a day!!

By the way, I will show you the pictures later of the children. I have really grown to love these kids. They are precious in His sight I know that for sure.

I am just playing around with some colors and styles of print. Cannot seem to get my "fix" of wanting some change. I know it is just around the corner.....

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  1. Hi Corrie...I just started following your blog. I found it through Kelly Steffen's blog. I went to IU and was also involved with Crusade. My maiden name was Angie Telfer. I knew of you and your hubby, but didn't really know either of you that well. I LOVE your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your life/ministry! Thanks for sharing!