Sunday, April 18, 2010

little advertisements

Today's entry is going to be a bit different just in the fact that I want to advertise something verses give you an Africa moment. However, it all pertains to Africa.....

First, we have a new staff couple raising funds right now to join our team, hopefully in the early fall. Well, they have a brother who has a ministry called "theCanvas". Check out his website and take a look at the cool Jos t-shirts. I just bought two and am pretty excited about it. All the proceeds go to help support this new couple.

just want to put a little ad out there for Skyline Chili..... Jason and Emilee had our whole family
over for dinner for a Skyline Night. A friend of the ministry and us personally blessed us all with everything it takes to make Cincinnati Skyline Chili with the trimmings..... For the record, that is a Skyline Chili Hot Sauce bottle I am holding, not a beer bottle.

It was a fun night to just remember home and enjoy some friends. I think my kids enjoy Peyton (their daughter) too much. Bless her heart.

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