Tuesday, April 6, 2010

to a friend's house I go

This is little Daniel. He is about three weeks old. I just wanted to put a picture of him here because I just found out that they also named him Corrie because of me. How precious is that. You have already seen pictures of him as a newborn, when we went to go visit our friend in the hospital, but here he is again. So, I really did ask if they really call him Corrie and they told me when people ask his name they say his name in their dialect (I don't remember the name, but it means "thank you Jesus"), then his given name is Daniel (after his daddy) and then Corrie after their missionary friend. I don't really know how serious they are being with me (while I was there visiting, a guy walked in and they introduced me as the one that has the name - so who knows, huh?), I am going to look on his birth certificate just to make sure.... hehehehee, but he is cute isn't he?
The picture below is of their home. I just wanted you to see other examples of living quarters since you have seen mine. Their door is on the far left, because other families live in this little apartment building/home as well. Behind it is a little stream that is super pretty.

This last one is the lot right next to theirs (if you are facing the home, it is to the right). I liked this one because I saw a piggy coming out of it when I passed by so I thought, "I am going to take a picture of this" (do you see the pig on the right hand side of the picture?). The green plants in the back are banana trees. Their neighbors owns them and they pick them and sell the bananas on the street.

Just a little bit of Africa coming your way. Have a great day.

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  1. If we had more kids I'd name them after you. Believe it, God uses you and people love you. I know I do.