Tuesday, April 20, 2010

familiar vs. unfamiliar

This morning I find myself pensive. Pensive about the children in the village.

In a children's home you can visit and "expect" to see the same children every time. With that expectation comes some comfortableness and familiarity which helps in the process of building relationships. Like my relationship with Hope and Agnes in OLA.

In the village though it is quite different. In some ways, I enjoy it more. There are wide open spaces and I always sense the Spirit in the Kisayhip Village and there are lots of places to walk, stretch and think. However, on the ministry side, it can feel daunting each and every time. I can go and not see the same kids there each time and if I do see them again, it is in a different setting or with different children so I get confused as to who is who. Don't get me wrong, this is nothing I am proud of just something that is becoming a reality. Really, living here over a year now, I can put pressure on myself that there is NOW no excuse to not know names, stories and backgrounds.

This summer I am really going to try to somehow come up with a memory system for me with these children. As we are working on a census of the village for our ministry and we are also working on coming up with a community development team, I find myself personally wanting to DIG DEEP into their stories and really get to know them. I know there are orphans in this village. I know their education has been lacking. I know there are things that I can lead them in as they can help me understand more in life as well.

I am guessing I should approach them how I approach questions in Scripture. Go with what you know then dig a bit deeper each time. Unfamiliar is good at times and those children need the love of Christ just as badly as those in the familiar. I just cannot let the unfamiliar stop me from being a part of God's promises for the orphan.

This village is our ministry village and I cannot wait until it truly all becomes familiar.

P.S. I wanted to thank you who have prayed for our water situation. First, our landlord Bayo, and John fixed the piping situation in his borehole so he is so graciously allowing us water from his well again. Praise God! Also, it looks like it might rain today and that will only help everyone in our neighborhood.

P.P.S. A couple of days ago, I was walking downtown and a big old bat came and pooped on my head. I wish I had a picture of the bat and of my hair.... but alas, not camera ready this time. I always feel like these are things people should know about my life here in Jos. How many of you can say you were downtown when a bat came and pooped on your head? I would imagine not many. A few of us people here have a saying, "Well, if the worst case scenario happens, at least you have a good story!"


  1. 2 things:

    1. your blog is looking oh so colorful and inviting lately...with stunning pics.

    2. what's the proper response when a bat poops on your head??? laugh, scream or cry? :) following Jesus is never boring, huh?

  2. yet another story to add to your most embarrassing moments. Sat around the pool with Matt, Julie, JJ and Mandy and Greg reminiscing about your India story. Love you and miss you.