Friday, April 23, 2010

OLA visit, pt. 2 - REALLY fresh chicken for dinner

Okay, now when we went to OLA we also visited the site where Back2Back is helping build a chicken farm, a fishery and actually a garden and cattle station as well. Sister Fidelia showed me around and was so grateful for what Back2Back is doing to help her in her vision.

Because of the crisis that have been going on, not as many people are visiting; therefore, not donating to the orphanage. These various farms will be their self sustaining enterprise to help fund where they have been lacking. I think my favorite part about this story is that she took the first step before we even knew about their need. She trusted the Lord without knowing the ending. I love it!!

Anyway, as she was just super kind and introducing us tothe guard, the fish keeper, the supervisor of all the construction, etc...(they are in the picture with my children) she was very excited to give us a gift. So, fresh chicken it was. It was one of their largest they had been raising so far. Which that is a great lesson in and of itself. She wanted to give us their best to show us proper thanks.... and I wonder how much I want to give God my best to give him proper thanks. I think I do, but I wonder if I truly do?

Anyway, not knowing for sure what to do with it, we put it in the car and brought it home to our guards. About 12 hours later, the pour little chicken (who the kids and I named on the way home, Rudy) was throat slit, defeathered and cut up into chunks to be boiled, spiced and eaten. The guards were ecstatic to have a nice big meal prepared the way they are used to and had a good laugh at us batore while we were wanting to get pictures of each part of the process.
I laugh because the kids didn't want to look at Rudy in the eyes on the way home because they felt so bad that we were taking it to her end of life. I am not kidding. Gus and Sarah were talking to Sami, "Don't even look at her in the eyes, Sami, DON'T LOOK!"

Anyway, a kind gesture and gift to a nice beautiful dinner. I think an enjoyable visit overall.

Let's get a closer look at the face shall we? Isn't it interesting how they shove the talons (or whatever they call their feet) in the mouth while cooking. It seems to be very customary. Just a bit of culture for you. Okay, I just realized I put the pictures in backwards. Sorry, not sure how to move them all around before the power goes off. You will just have to imagine all of these photos going in the opposite direction. Have a great weekend.


  1. And to think I had a chicken sandwich for dinner . . .

  2. The bloody chicken was a good welcome to your blog after not seeing it for awhile. (: I laughed when I read your kids' interaction. Also, so sweet of them to give you their best chicken.

  3. You have so much adventure... even just cooking dinner!!! I want to live with you!!!! Miss you and your family TONS!!! I can totally see your kids saying those things... love it!