Friday, May 28, 2010

just some info.

I know these last couple of entries has had pictures of my children, but it has been a full week with them. And today, I really love them. This picture is right before we walked out the door to go to their concert at school. It was great seeing them sing, dance, play instruments and honestly, just seeing them dressed up warmed my heart.

The bummer with me is that Sarah was not feeling well before we walked out the door. She was complaining that her head was killing her. I sometimes think our oldest can be dramatic so I kind of brushed it off as nerves before going to the concert. Well, she and the other two did a great job and we came home, all smiles. In the middle of the night Sarah proceeded to get up and get sick, pretty much for the rest of the night and morning. Oops, I felt horrible, poor girl, she really was sick.

She had to stay home for her last day of school, which really made her sad!! BUT, today she is doing a bit better and it is officially the first day of summer for them! It is also National Children's Day here in Nigeria. John thinks this day is a joke since every day appears to be their day.... BUt, it is official here so it is a holiday on Monday and banks, etc... are closed in honor of the children.

Well, with no groups and no interns and for me no nanny this summer, I am curious as to how these next two months unfold. I think I will be working less and spending more time with my children. I think God has something planned and I am excited to see it come to life. I am looking forward to spending more purposeful time with Sarah, Gus and Sami. Well, enjoy your own version of National Children's Day and have a blessed afternoon. See you tomorrow.

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