Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mother moments

My mom has now been here about 12 days and we have had a couple of moments together that have been fun. And both of these I would have never said as a little girl, "I hope my mom and I can do this together when I am grown up!" She was here for her birthday and so thinking she loved Chinese food, we decided to venture out to a new chinese restaurant in town. Not new to the town, just new to me going there. Anyway, below is her birthday luncheon with some friends. Now I would of course wanted to do lunch with my mom on her birthday as a little girl, but I would have never dreamed in Africa, in a restaurant with one menu and sit outside with flies all over and garbage. Now, to be fair, I thought it was great tasting.... I also found out a few days later that it is my dad who loves chinese food and my mom is okay with it.... ughhhh.... the things I will learn living next to them I am sure.The next picture below is of my mom and I fabric shopping yesterday. She and my dad wanted some new curtains for their bungalow and so we had to go to the shop and find something that would be suitable for them. It was fun and I think we find something that they will both like. Of course, as we have all learned, this is just only the beginning of making curtains. We will now go to the seamstress, then wait, then put them up and go from there. Either way, they will be great when it is all complete. No local Walmarts or Targets here.....
It was fun seeing my mom in the midst of 100's and 100's of materials to choose from. If any of you know my mom, she prefers two options, not a ton....


  1. That's so cool to see your mom there with you guys. Remembering and praying for you guys as the weather is almost Africa-hot here (:
    PS: You're totally coming home in December, right?

  2. this makes me laugh. miss you.