Saturday, May 22, 2010

evening time

During rainy season every few nights our home gets bombarded with these large winged insects. I have mentioned them before in this blog. The locals will pull off their wings and fry them up and eat them. They love them and they are high in protein. In Mexico we had something very similar and my children tried them there and did not necessarily enjoy them much, so we are not too experimental here with them.

Anyway, they come in our home for only about an hour and a half, but they get everywhere, through the doors and windows, etc... During this time, we try to turn off all the lights and just "lay low". Once that time frame is gone, they are gone as quickly as they came. The only evidence of them being there are their wings. You go out the next morning and you see wings everywhere. So strange.

During one evening right before the bugs attacked our humble abode, my kids were all reading. Aren't they great? We like to refer to this as the reading train. We are pretty blessed with how much our children enjoy to read. Sami maybe not so much, but she tries....


  1. that's what i like to hear (the reading, not the bugs!) :)

  2. Do you eat the bug or the wings?