Friday, May 7, 2010

new rukuba home

Meet Israel and Katerina and their daughter (cannot remember her name).
Our staff just met with this couple this past week to see how maybe we could begin forming a relationship with them and to see where God is leading their own personal ministry and for us to see if God would want us to begin furthering our time with them.

Emilee met the woman at her playgroup and as they were talking it was discovered that she is married to a man who is from the Rukuba tribe (that is our village tribe we work with as a ministry) and they are located about 5 minutes from our Kisayhip village. Then as they continued talking Emilee found out that they are in the beginning stages of building a children's home. They felt God calling them to this as they were getting married. We met with them and enjoyed our time immensely as we started just getting a bigger picture of their vision and their total obedience to where God is leading them.

It was amazing hearing their stories of waking up with no food and then seeing God provide or their water well running dry so they hooked up a boot leg machine that shouldn't work to a nearby river and miraculously it works and provides them with the water they need. I am not kidding you, story after story of leaning in on the character truths of God and going to another level of dependence I have not reached.

I am not sure what God has in store for our two ministries but I left there excited to put myself in positions of more dependence (I don't want to say that too loud because what if it comes true?!) on the one true God. He is Jehovah Jireh - my provider!

Please pray for us and for them as we are both wanting to trust God with our next steps.

My parents have made it into Abuja, but with no luggage. NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE! So, they come to Jos this afternoon wiped out, a little dirty and with the clothing on their backs and nothing else. BUT, I am glad to report that their faith is intact and I am sure it is strengthened because of the beginning part of their journey. I wonder if God is already trying to show them what this next year will be looking like???


  1. Happy Birthday Corrie and Happy Mothers Day

  2. It's just stuff! Glad they arrived safely!