Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sherry Hills

Yesterday as a family we went to a familiar hiking spot called Sherry Hills. The last picture on this entry is of the kids and I in front of it. Hiking here is different than in the States because you are not going through trees and trails, you are more or less hiking or climbing up rock crevices and brush.... As the kids get older they are appreciating this climb more and more.There are small crevices to climb through, other parts you are on your belly shimmying underneath areas of low boulders and then other places where you are literally climbing over round edges (if there is such a thing) hoping not to slip off and slide down.
This picture is looking out of one of the crevices the rest of us were hiking through. John was with us but he was taking the pictures so he is not shown. He doesn't necessarily enjoy all aspects of this climb because he gets a little snappy when it comes to the kids and the holes.... It is actually funny to kind of get him going a bit....
I don't know if you can really see the boulders well behind us, be we truly made it to the top and then enjoyed the beautiful view and then trekked on down.... It was a great day to be outside and enjoy family

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