Monday, June 14, 2010

everyday things

Life is full of everyday things, no matter where you live. You wake up and go through a normal routine of preparing your body. You take care of errands, like last minute items you need for a meal that day or running to the bank to take care of a financial transaction, etc...
One of those everyday items, for me, is hair upkeep. I am one who has long lost her natural hair color. I probably lost it many, many years a
go. So, before moving here I packed up hair color, enough for a year :)....

Along with hair color is the cutting of it. Because of my many years of hair coloring, my ends become dead pretty quickly. So I found myself
about six weeks ago waking up angry with my hair and literally chopping it off, layers no doubt. I tell you all of this because there is a super nice
missionary friend here who is willing to cut hair for people. I went to her yesterday and I just wanted you to see how I take care of one of my everyday things, here in Jos.

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