Monday, June 7, 2010

national missionary day

I think I heard somewhere that it was national missionary day sometime soon? Or maybe it was Emilee that was saying it should be? Well, it doesn't matter really the details behind it!! :)

I just wanted to send a picture of our family to remind you of our faces and then send you a map of the world to remind you that we live really, really far away.....

BECAUSE... exciting news.... drumroll please.....
We just received our first USA package in our new post office box!!! It took literally about three weeks (and we have heard from other missionaries that it is pretty consistently three weeks which is good news). My sister test ran a mailing for me and it was perfect. I am very excited.

Why am I excited you ask? Because if it is national, oops I mean world missionary day and we have a successful mailing encounter, well, either way, you get the idea!!!!

Okay, miss you all and keep your prayers coming.

P.S. Here is the address to send us something (just in case)
Po Box 7600 Anglo Jos
Plateau State, Nigeria


  1. Can't wait to see those faces in person in September!

    What are you running low on that you would like from the US? Wish list of sorts...


  2. Can you get packages? Can they have anything in them or will some of it be stolen?

  3. Was it sent first class or priority mail?