Friday, June 11, 2010

those who serve

Good Morning! Yesterday was a filled day with activity with the kids and ministry. I am sure you will hear about it more next week, but today I just wanted to give you a picture of the woman who serves our family. She helps me with the shopping, cleaning (John's favorite) and some food prep. She has been a blessing to our family as her spirit is meek and firm in the Lord. I am thankful for Juliana as she as helped me with cultural understanding and with prayer.

Today our ministry is having an opening kick off of the new Oasis Community Center. We decided upon today because it is the first day of the World Cup and so we are hosting the first game showing in the Center. More about that tomorrow. BUT, you can please pray for the time because it will be chaotic and harried, but we are super excited to see how the community involvement shows itself to stand on its own. Okay, more tomorrow with pictures.

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