Sunday, June 13, 2010

soccer camps

Summer has begun and that means the kids are around the house all day. In some ways, I really enjoy them helping me cook and playing games with them, etc... They are in such a fun age, but on the other hand, our compound is small and they can tend to get "bored" really easily.

One of the things that the school offers is soccer camp. 9am to 11:30am the kids can go to learn the fundamentals of this sport. I am glad it is offered but during the first week of it a bigger realization hit me. I have entered the world of two different schoolings.... I now officially have a middle schooler and two elementary age kids. SOOOOO, with that comes more driving. Sarah has soccer camp on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Gus and Sami have it on Tuesday and Thursday. Bummer for me, huh? Long gone are the days of everyone in one building. I won't be there again until all three of my kids are in high school.

Here are the boys waiting their turn while the girls play their game. Do you see Gus? on the right with the red shirt on, not facing the camera.
In this photo we have Sarah (left with poneytail) and Sami is kind of behind the boy with the blue scrimmage shirt on.

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