Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sleep, swim and serve

On Monday night John and I had a family come over for dinner that is about ready to move back to Canada. This family has served here for two years and they have twin girls that are good friends with Sarah. We are sad they are returning but we were able to have one last sleep over with these two girls and then we invited one other to spend the night as well.

The next day we all went swimming and then to the children's home of OLA. I hope by now you are starting to recognize some of these children's faces. It was such a fun day seeing how friends can be friends through a variety of circumstances: school, hanging out, eating and also serving. I think Sarah's friendships went deeper because of the different levels of reaching community with them. I think I have also found that in my own life as well.

I thought the children were cute trying to drive the car. I remember my kids having a similar toy. It was such a beautiful day!
FYI, our internet has not been as strong lately so I will post when I can. The internet people tell us it has nothing to do with the weather, but I have found with the stronger rains there is less internet. Who knows? I don't that is for sure. All I do know is that the rain storms are amazing to experience!!

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