Monday, June 7, 2010

shouts of joy

Last week we went to OLA to kind of say goodbye to our friend, Agnes, but to also bring some fun bubbles and some early learning reading books.

To left is Daniel, he is helping the caregiver with finding some clothes for the babies. He is nothing but joyful all of the time. He is kind, considerate and smart and super handsome!

The next picture is of a new baby just brought in. His name is Morris or Norris, I couldn't understand exactly. I get sad when I see them dropped off so early. I was not able to get his story yet, but I want to understand the circumstances as best as I can when I pray for these wee little ones.
This next picture is of my mom and I holding Mary (my mother's baby) and I am holding Kenny. This is the Mary who now crawls like Kenny even though she has two healthy legs.

AND, this one is of Gus and a little baby named Mary (a different one). I couldn't help but put this picture in because she is screaming her head off, but we decided they were "shouts of Joy"

And finally, this is just to show that we have fun parties as well. Emilee and Jason celebrated their daughter's birthday with a party. They invited a lot of their friends and it was so fun. I chose this picture because it shows people in the background. I want everyone to know we have friends here :) (or at least Emilee and Jason do)
Have a great day....

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