Thursday, June 17, 2010

a protective mother

It is amazing how most mothers have a natural instinct. This is my mom who is holding a little baby with malaria.

The next one is of a mamma chicken protecting her baby from us who were trying to take a picture.

The last is just Gus who saw this new baby names Okachi. She is new and she was just in her crib fussing a bit and Gus hated the idea that no one was able to hold her or pick her up. So he asked the worker (which is a big step for Gus to really initiate with someone he doesn't know, he is shy) if he could hold her. She told him yes as long as he was in charge. So, literally for about 45 minutes Gus sat with this little girl who just had on a wet cloth diaper and he just held her.

I was proud of him as some of the older boys who he has started to "get to know" went outside to throw the football, he made the decision to care for this little baby girl. When he put her down as we were leaving he said he just felt sad because there weren't enough people to care for all the babies.

I am proud of who he is becoming...


  1. Corrie, I love this blog especially about your son, Gus. I heard a radio speaker say that God gave men the name 'father', His name, to become father's like Him. You and John have a wonderful gift in Gus, he is at his young age, preparing for fatherhood like God would want and desire. You are such an inspiration, thank you for your blog. Theresa Valliant (PS tell you mom and dad Lee and I said hi)

  2. okay. i totally teared up when i read about Gus. that is sooo sweet! i love how much he is growing!!