Thursday, June 24, 2010

a new day

I wanted to thank you all for the comments on my blog yesterday and some emails I received. They were all voices of encouragement and truly breathed life into me.

Yesterday I had a friend over and she braided Sami's hair which she has been wanting to get done since last summer when one of our interns got her hair done. It was such a good setting for me after the "bigger" nigerian setting I had the day before. I shared with her my day and she just gave me more insight into nigerian women and mothers and basically listened to me with a kind, kind heart.

I am grateful that days come and go and emotions come and go because a new day brought friendship, encouragement and a new hair style.

Sami has a pretty smile, doesn't she?


  1. Oooh I love Sami's hair! We had Kaitlyn's done (front half) before a beach trip several years ago to keep it out of her face and loved it! Went and bought some beads for the ends and it really was cute.

    I'm catching up after spending (another) day at Duke with Mike. But your 'yesterday' sounds like so many of mine ... just different 'issues'!

    After several rough attitude days and one tough event, Evan said he couldn't wait to get to heaven. Tug at my heart! So we talked about God's timing and that He knows all our days, our longings and our desires. And He has a PLAN and PURPOSE for us IN them; even our not-so-(re)-fine(d) days!