Sunday, August 1, 2010

city life in Abuja

Good morning everyone.... It has been awhile, huh? This past weekend our family took a small little vacation to Abuja. We dropped off our good friend, Jessica to the airport on Thursday evening and decided to stay a few extra days just as a family.

The picture to the left is our friend eating one last time at a favorite fast foodish type of eating establishment called Drumstix, there in Abuja. Not much more to say about that place but lots to say about our friend......
The first night we were in town, we stayed in the hostel that I talked about before when we dropped Ruby off, but the rest of the nights we stayed in the Sheraton. I am not quite sure what to say about the Sheraton except you pay about the same price as you would in the USA, but you have none of the amenities.... a little bit of a bummer, but we are learning to lower our expectations while living here in Nigeria. The picture is of the pool. It really was nice, to be honest. Large, warm, great chairs surrounding it, etc... We stayed on the sixth floor, so this photo was snapped while we were on our balcony.
We had adjoining rooms, so this is the kids room. I didn't even have the heart to snap one of our room, the sheets just appear dirty (I am sure they are not, right?) and the carpet was partially torn up... BUT, the kids are cute, aren't they?
This picture of the national mosque center was also taken right outside our front door. What is super interesting about the location of this mosque is that is positioned literally right across the highway from the national christian center (Pictured below). I guess they wanted them both to be equally viewed since the country is split with its religion.
I think both buildings are absolutely beautiful.
This last photo is of the inside of the hotel. There is a courtyard similar to an Embassy Suites courtyard, but picture two different ones and instead of a roof for it, it is just an open airway courtyard. I think the Sheraton has the potential to be beautiful and they pull it off in the entryway and in ONE restaurant called Obudu Grille. But this particular restaurant deserves it's own day, so tomorrow I will put on my food critic hat and show you how great this place was.....

But for now, enjoy a little bit more of our city life here in the country of Nigeria, at its capital city of Abuja.

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  1. Corrie,
    A quick note to say I love reading about your life in Nigeria. Thanks for blogging when you can!