Wednesday, August 25, 2010

nepa power

Good Morning! We have just heard that as of yesterday the main, public power company has gone on strike. NEPA! What that means for us is no electricity until the people choose to return back to work. The bummer is you just don't know how long these things will last..... a few days, a few weeks, maybe a couple of months....

Good news is since power is not good here anyway, we have our generator lined up, etc... So, we will religiously turn on our gen every 5 hours or so, that way our food will not rot.

The other bummer is that laundry will back up unless I really choose to hand wash everything..... oh gosh, did I say that out loud? Will I really revert to that type of living....? I know, I have been so spoiled...

For all of you who are planning on traveling here with a team or something: don't worry. The ministry compound is on the private electric company. They are doing well for now. Please just pray for us. Have a great day and as you wash your clothes and open the fridge, pray for our family and the rest of nigeria who has no electric.

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