Monday, August 30, 2010


You never can predict the timing of "being settled in". You hope for it right away, but yet, you realize that when it happens, it means you are home. With that comes a mixture of emotions also...

Yesterday, we had lunch with some friends that I have started to "count on" and within that luncheon we realized it was her (Kimberly) birthday earlier in the week. It was so fun to just be with their family and not think it a big deal that I didn't know her birth date. The moment had happened: the moment of still getting to know someone yet a familiarity of friendship that little things are not big deals and lunches are easy going and relaxing....

Maybe this does not make sense to any of you out there, but for me, it was a big moment. I liked the lunch, I like this family and I love the cattle in the last picture that is blocking the way for us to get to our gate.... :)

Gosh, am I home or what??!!

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