Tuesday, August 24, 2010

life in dwellings

Do you ever drive by houses and wonder about the people who live in the homes you are passing? When I was younger, I remember driving in downtown areas and passing homes with the windows boarded up and being curious if the people who lived there were happy or connected to each other.

I also remember feeling this way around large, seemingly expensive homes. Do people care about them? Well, I find those same thought patterns are still in my head. I drive by some of these huts or dwelling structures that look abandoned in some cases, and I wonder if life is hard for those living there. Or I pray that no abuse takes place inside the "walls" that are present.

These thoughts are fleeting, but in that moment, my prayers are real and heartfelt. These pictures are different dwellings that I see on my way to OLA. Yesterday we took the back way and I had these thoughts again about the people and their families as we passed by their houses.

Is life hard for them? Do they ever get power and water here? Do they know any different? Do they know the Lord? Do they feel contentment in their life?

These questions I will most likely never know the answers to, but I prayed and for that moment I felt connected to them and the Lord in regards to them. Maybe someday I will get to meet these random (or maybe not so random) people and be able to converse face to face. I guess for now though, I will keep passing by homes and pray for those inside.

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