Thursday, August 19, 2010

infrastructure and ministry by JOHN

In mission work it can sometimes be overwhelming with all the things that have to be done in order to actually minister or care for someone. Within Back2Back we talk often of our bull’s eye or our focus. Obviously B2B’s bull’s eye is to impact and take care of the orphan, but that does not mean that everyone involved with B2B is “directly” involved with the orphan. Many people are “indirectly” involved in impacting the orphan.

When developing a site in construction, the first thing we often start with is the INFRASTRUCTURE ie: roads, underground, utilities, sanitary lines, property walls, etc. Although all these things support the finish product of the buildings, many times they are not seen directly when the building is completed and occupied.

Recently I have been thinking of all the people and things that support the ultimate goal of impacting the orphan and I’m grateful that God’s plan is for us to be a body of believers that each utilizes our gifts and talents for his kingdom whether this is the people in the mission field or the people sending the missionaries.

In Nigeria, we are constructing an Education Center where Theresa Reed (new B2B staff arriving in September) will spend time tutoring underprivileged children in the Kisayhip Village. She will be “directly” connecting and impacting the orphan, but to make this happen so much infrastructure must take place first.

I want to break it down to show all that and who is involved in making an impact on the orphan. The many parts affecting the orphan child as a whole.

-B2B staff member (Brian Bertke) in Cincinnati shares the vision of the Ed Ctr to the youth at the Vineyard Church and the Daniels family in Cincinnati.

-This church and family caught the vision and they were able to raise the funds for us to begin building the Ed Ctr.

-People in the US are supporting the B2B staff member to be able to live and minister in Nigeria.

-B2B staff live and minister in Nigeria and begin to build the Education Center.

-B2B support staff such as drivers assist in getting materials to the site for the building.

-B2B employs local masons, carpenters, and other trades from the village to construct the Education Center. (which helps the people in the village with income).

-The building is completed and Theresa (teacher) will directly impact the orphan by helping supplement their education.

-The orphan child will have a better “HOPE FOR TOMORROW”.

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