Friday, August 27, 2010

a little help

I have to say that yesterday was a big highlight for me, ministry wise. I just experienced story after story of good things happening in a home that can sometimes make me feel sad.

Let me highlight a few moments that were shared with me:

1.) The picture to the right is of Big Mama. She is one of the caregivers here at OLA. The girl to her left used to live in OLA. Both of her parents are dead and her grandfather came and picked her up awhile ago. Well, as they were "checking in" on how some of the kids were doing that have been replaced back in homes, they learned that she was being mistreated. Big Mama took her in as part of her family. What a kind and generous heart.

2.) Hopefully by now you recognize little Kenny. BUT, do you recognize his new walker? Emilee was there yesterday helping the kids all get ready when she rushed in the living room where I was and pulled me into the baby room. She said, "Oh my gosh, you have got to see Kenny!!" And sure enough he met me at the door scooting, ever so professionally and big boy like, towards the hallway. I could have cried. He is getting so big and what a blessing for him to have a little help!! My heart swelled as he handled the walker with grace and pride.

3.) The reason for our going yesterday afternoon was for Abigail's birthday. My mom picked out a beautiful pink scarf for her as a gift from all of us and she looked stunning in it. Her party was so encouraging as friends of hers came to celebrate her life. A life full of hardship, but friendship also as so many came around her that day to recognize the gift she is to all of us and the kids in this home. She has grown up here, but takes responsibility for each one of these babes. Her whole life she has had to receive help, but she doesn't think anything about it. For her, that is life. Give and take. A little help here, a little help there. She gives just as much as she receives. No pride, just relationship!

These last photos are of big Mary as she walks full time now, and Hope who starts school in two weeks. She is excited, but nervous as well.

Each one of us need a little help now and then, don't we? The little girl who lives with Big Mama, Kenny and Abigail showed me this yesterday, that a little help can be perceived as a weakness or it can be received with joy as a gift from God, one not to be missed out on, ever!

May your day be blessed with a little help from others!

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