Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I wanted to take few minutes and share what I have been doing the last month and half. In September we have new staff joining our team from the US.- Will & Theresa Reed. We are very excited for their arrival. In light of their arrival, we have had to make arrangements for the Reed's housing. Because it will be a few years until we can occupy the property in Bassa (Land of Hope), we are constructing two apartments on the current SSE Campus where we host groups. These two apartments are for staff housing.
We are hoping to be complete in October with these apartments.
Majority of my time has been spent designing and managing the construction of these apartments. It has a been an interesting experience learning the various construction methods that are used here in Nigeria. I have been able to implement many of mine, but also use many here.
The biggest blessing to this project and to the future B2B projects that I do here is a man named Sunday Yashim.
Sunday is an engineer by education. He could be making a lot more money working for the government, but has a real heart for the Lord and has felt called to work in ministry full time. He is an answer to prayer. He has really helped me transition into the construction here. Having a nigerian partner to work alongside is incredible because he can translate the methods and processes both ways - to me and to the workers.
He is a huge blessing. Will you please pray for him and me as we work together to complete the apartments and work on the Education Center at the Oasis House.
PICTURES: First photo is of Sunday Yashim, Second is of the masons working the apartments- I call them the three amigos, Third is a photo of a structural beam in the apartments.

Quick Facts:
Apartments: 1 story building, 2 apartments, 2810 sqft, total cost $40,000USD, funds needed still $20,000USD.
The below drawing is the apartments. The section in yellow is where the Reed's will live.


  1. John, we will be praying for God to bring the money in. Crist

  2. John, AWESOME!! Mike and I were just talking on Tuesday and were wondering what you were up to and then you post this update. Keep persevering for the Lord!! Tommy