Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a five star restaurant

Okay, now for some, you might think, come on Corrie, seriously, a whole blog on a restaurant?
But yes, this is a part of my life here in Nigeria, so you must experience it with me...
Below is my family at a restaurant in Abuja called, Obudu Grille. See how happy we are there... If you think they are, you should have seen me?!

Do you see the picture to your left? Yes, it is a real fillet mignon! Real red meat and fresh steamed vegetables on the side. What I didn't get a picture of is the bacon/cheddar mashed potatoes that were just as tasty and pretty.

Now, this gentlemen to the right is the cook who prepared all our food. I know, I am obnoxious as I asked him for a quick snap. I am not sure if you see the five plates in the background, but they are for us and they served (for free) everyone chicken lollipops. Oh yes, they were delicious as well.

This last photo is of Sarah's mini cheeseburger. It wasn't very mini. But, again, can I draw your attention to the fresh vegetables, full of color and life. Ahhhh, a memory to be relived as often as possible, if you ask me.

For some of you who do not know me, I love red meat. In pretty much any form I can find it in. AND, since living here, there has been none for me. They don't have it and if they have the potential for it, they refuse to serve it to you. When I first moved here, I actually argued with a guy and told him that all he had to do was take it off the grill a bit earlier and he still refused. NOW, since living here in Jos, I realize how foolish I really appeared. You really don't want them to undercook the meat nor would you be able to actually chew through it with your one set of teeth.

I guess I am a slow learner. One and a half years later, I found my perfect fillet mignon and I can tell you with confidence that I enjoyed it more than any other steak ever in my entire life. All is in perspective, I guess.

I want to recommend this restaurant for all of you Abuja travelers. It has super quaint atmosphere, mixed with a piano player for background music. And every single staff member we encountered was polite, kind and very welcoming. And lastly, the food was worth every penny.


  1. Ok, so I guess I'm just remembering the "cheeseburger" that katie ordered and our ridiculous attempt to explain why it wasn't a cheeseburger...

  2. hahaha! amy!! i was just going to write about that too...what a delicious "cheeseburger" that was :P corrie, i'm so glad you got to have some delicious red meat. next time i come to africa, i expect to go to this place, hehe!