Sunday, August 15, 2010

new friends

Last week John introduced you to a man named Sunday who helps him with the construction here in Nigeria. We had his family over yesterday afternoon so we could get to know them all.

I find for me personally it can be hard to "do" something on a Sunday because it is the one true day that is off for all of us and I want to not entertain or work or do anything. But, the truth of the matter for me is that when they came and went, I had no regrets. Sunday's family was so kind and fun and full of words of encouragement. We are grateful for their family and their hearts for the Lord.

John and I are on the floor (I know, I have my pirates hat on :)) and then the back row, from the left: Sami, Gus, Faith, Gemima, Kashuna, Sunday and Sarah.

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  1. Hi guys - been reading your blog for some time now, it's really great! Thanks for sharing what you all are experiencing and learning!!

    Dave D'Amico and family