Monday, August 16, 2010

everyday glances

I just wanted to show you some more of our everyday glances. Things I don't even think about anymore because they have become a part of our Jos landscape.

This first picture is of Sarah at a ministry called the Mashaiah foundation. It is a home that teaches women with AIDS how to sew (similar to Gidan Bege, the widows ministry). They have some similar items as Gidan Bege, but some other items as well. Both my parents and I bought our bedspreads at this ministry site.

This next photo is just a normal bean and vegetable stand. They are really scattered everywhere. Stands like this are where I buy so many of our fruits and vegetables. It has surprised me some to realize how I don't notice these places anymore as unusual. How weird to go to one store and buy fruits and vegetable that are already prepackaged, right? :)

I like this photo of Sarah and her good friend, Jocelyn. Jocelyn's family invited Sarah to go to the zoo with them this past weekend. I am so encouraged by the friendships the kids have made since living here.

Of course, you have to have the picture of the angry lion. While Sarah was at the zoo, they paid to have a goat thrown into the lion's den. So, we have great video footage of a live goat being thrown in and the lions pouncing on it and then showing it off to all the people watching. Yes, on the video, you see the poor helpless goat baahhing while it sits inside the mouth of the huge, male lion. I know it is the natural part of life. BUT, it is one thing to know it and quite another to see it happen.

Well, these are some of our everyday glances. I bet maybe one of them might be similar to yours, right (the friendship one anyway, right?)? Have a great day!!

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