Monday, August 23, 2010

new places

Sometimes on Sundays our family will stay home and do "home" church. It is a way that we can connect our kids to sermons and teachings of Scripture. The village church might not always provide that for us as a family.

So to the right is the Guckenberger home church as we were preparing to watch a sermon and then discuss. In all honesty, we have great conversations and we discuss real things. I like it, but I do miss the village church ladies' singing and worship!

This next photo is a new friend named Franca. She is truly the first nigerian woman who has invited me over with no connection like ministry or a friend of a friend type of thing.

I wasn't sure what to expect but we had a great time and we looked at family pictures and talked about family. We ate lunch together (I desperately tried to get the lady to snap a photo of the and us, but I don't think I communicated it well to her.....) and ended in prayer. Two of her children are in two of my children's classes.

I am grateful for Franca who opened up her home to me. It makes me think how little I did that in the USA to people of a different culture. Anways, new places and new faces and new ways of doing things. All a part of growing who I am becoming....

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