Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have developed some close friends while living here and I am grateful for them. We decided yesterday morning to go to OLA to visit all of those babies that I just want to eat up.

I always enjoy taking new people there. I tell you, between the three of us, we caused quite a ruckous. By the time we left, I think all of the kids were crying .

As women though we were talking about how when I used to go to OLA to begin with, the kids were shy and not very emotional and that we need to consider what a gift it is to hear them cry and just to "express".

Every diaper was changed, every baby was fed and the older kids were able to play. I think I enjoyed my morning (but boy, was I wiped out by the end).

This last photo is of Evelyn, Daniel (Daniel Corrie, remember?) and of Gus. It has been fun seeing my kids love on babies. When I went to OLA yesterday morning, all the caregivers and the older kids asked where my children were. I like that!!


  1. Wow, I sure do miss those sweet babies!! And you too!! :)