Wednesday, July 28, 2010

best english

So, this is the party thrown for Daniel and Esther. I know that you already saw pictures of Esther's graduation. What none of us saw was Daniel (the boy pictured with Sister Fidelia and Esther) receiving an honor for best english in the class.

Sister Fidelia was explaining to me that she was not aware that he was to receive an honor in front of his school and that when he returned home with it, she felt saddened by the lack of people there to cheer for him.

So, she asked our staff to come and help celebrate the both of them and to speak words of encouragement into their lives. I loved every moment of it. I cannot get enough of her heart that she has for these children. I am super grateful for her life.

On another note, they received yet another baby boy, named Lucky. They now have a count of 5 babies.... lots of need for hands to help them just hold them all.... Here is a photo of my mom and my three helping out with the process.

FYI, we are taking Jessica to Abuja today so we will be offline for the next few days so if you don't hear from us, that is why....
ALso, if you are Anna Stein from the comment the other day, can you please send me an email, I would love to email with you and catch up a bit to see how life is....
Have a great day!!

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