Monday, July 19, 2010

hostel living

So, I have never actually stayed in a hostel before but when traveling to Abuja, we stay at a place called the Baptist Guest House. It is basically a hostel (or from what I have been told) and a really nice couple run the home when people are there.

While we were dropping of Ruby this weekend, Jessica and John and I joined in on the trip to Abuja just for a night on the "town".

I really do laugh because it really felt like we were traveling to the big city to see all that is new in the world. It was so fun going and catching a movie and a restaurant or two and plus we did some city food shopping. You can definitely find things there that are not in Jos, but you have to be willing to pay for it. Which sometimes we are and sometimes we are not....

We are so grateful for the time with Ruby and her stay. She breathed life into me and my children and thanks Ruby for taking the time and resources to travel so far to see what all is going on in the ministry. Now, we have Jessica and this week and a half will go so quickly that I am already starting to feel the absence of good friends (I know, I am a preprocessor).

Since life has been so full lately, I really haven't taken the time to share all that is going on in my heart and within the ministry, in full, but I will make the time soon.

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  1. It was so great to be there too!! I am thinking about you guys all the time and telling stories and reliving it all! p.s. I like the new Blog look! Love, Ruby