Tuesday, July 13, 2010

captured moments

Yesterday we had another full day with trying to get some last minute things done before Ruby leaves. Jessica is remaining for another two weeks. We ran some errands in the morning (Gidan Bege, Evangel hospital for a physical check-up, out for some Chinese) and then ended up in a hail storm on our way to OLA. I am overwhelmed with the true family I feel with these children. Here are Sami, Gus and I with the babies and Daniel. Aren't they precious?I couldn't resist this one with Ruby and Mary. Mary has such a unique personality. We are all trying to figure out who or what she reminds all of us of but she is something else. She is as skinny as can be and so just petite, and when we walked in on her yesterday from their naps, she had her two itty bitty legs propped up on the crib rails and she is always swaying back and forth with a tune in her head... I love her.
The day ended with a sleepover with my children and Ruby and Jessica. My kids were so excited to have this "special" time with them. They are playing a game to get the night started, not sure how it ended, I haven't gone out there yet.... and don't know if I will at all today! Okay, just kidding, I am pretty sure they only offered for last night.... heehee
We have a full day today, so I guess I will get up now, but I pray that your days are blessed and full as ours have been.

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  1. Did you guys have a "date" night? Love you!!!