Thursday, July 15, 2010

coming alongside caregivers

Most of the day yesterday was spent serving and loving on the women who care for the orphans at the OLA children's home we serve alongside.

Manicures, pedicures, small gift bags, light talk and lunch were all on the menu during our time. I am learning that things don't really turn out the way you imagine or want, but I with that, I am learning that most of the time they turn out the way they should.

My girls helped watch the babies in the home while us ladies pampered on the caregivers.

The picture of John and two of my children is a just because (he had said something about not being in here much....:)) Maybe I can convince him to start writing some entries on the blog and he can make sure he is posted more.... we will see.


  1. They look so happy to be standing there don't they. Miss you guys tremendously.

  2. Is IS great to see John's (almost) smiling face!