Saturday, July 3, 2010


I buy our minced beef (ground beef for us westerners...) from a lady who has become a friend and she and her husband have a business. They kill one cow each Saturday and sell the meat. She usually meets me at Hillcrest (her youngest son is in Sami's class) with it, but this Saturday I met her at her home and picked it up.

What a glimpse I received of how things are done. I really think I got too much of a glimpse...
The above picture is of the filet being cut up (the man with the red shirt) that my friend had ordered. They actually did a great job. I was impressed.
This is just a great shot of the overall cow meat. Yummmm...... doesn't that look great. Actually we have two friends on their way here right now. They have made it as well as their luggage and we are grateful. BUT, if their families are looking at this right now, just know that tomorrow on the menu is this minced beef from above..... (in the white bowl in the lower right hand side of the photo)
Okay, this one is just gross, but the above picture is of cow intestines and then the hairy pieces are of the inside of the stomach. He was cutting it up into bite size pieces for a lady who was waiting to take it home.

Bon Apetite!

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