Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a full day

Yesterday was a full day for all of us. We went to Miango Rest Home (a retreat center about 45 minutes away). On the way, we stopped at a local "Kodak spot" and then returned home for a brief moment to just turn around and go to the center of town to purchase some World Cup Soccer Jersey's.... nigerian style.... Here are my photos to capture the moments...This guy ran all over the streets looking for some Nigerian team jerseys.... nice man.
This is the front of women in the fellowship at church. They are the musicians of the bunch. The music is absolutely beautiful with a rhythmic beat that fills my soul each and every time.
I forgot we played some cornhole on Sunday afternoon and wanted to show you how good we all were. This was actually a gift from jason, thanks Jason!!! It is perfect for our small yard.
We stopped on the way to Lava Falls (or called Flip flop falls). This picture does not do it any justice but this is showing thousands of flip flops that have been accumulated through the rain and falls....
This is on the other side of the falls, they are truly gorgeous and created by a volcano not too far from here. That is pumice stone all around it and you can see the flip flops in the bottom right hand corner of the water.... do you see them?
This photo was taken at Miango Rest Home. There is a quaint chapel there and we are just sitting out front of it.

Thanks for walking through these last couple of days with me.... It is feeling like a whirlwind with our friends and fellow staff members here, but I know it is short lived, Ruby leaves this weekend and then it is just the last two weeks with Jessica..... gosh, amazing, how time truly flies.

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