Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a hunger

We had a staff meeting yesterday and we discussed a couple of days of bible study from the Hunger study that various staff of Back2Back put out for visitors this year.

We talked about a hunger to serve....

This is Esther, she is graduating from our version of 8th grade on Saturday. She is holding a newer baby Ogice, both are precious sweet orphan girls. Both of them living at one of the children's homes we serve alongside.

I am not sure what it really looks like to serve these two...
to serve because of a need.
to serve because ultimately it brings God glory.
to serve because I know it is right.

I am not sure, but I am sure I want to serve God.

Our family is currently living in Jos, Nigeria, after living in Monterrey, Mexico because there is a need. God is teaching us so much about our own thoughts of service verses maybe more of His thoughts about service.

We thank you for helping us along in our own life road. So many have come alongside of us to serve us, to help us, to encourage us and for some reason I think that role must be harder at times than what we are doing. BUT, does God really view things like I do? I am so glad His ways are higher than our ways...

Esther and Ogice (I am pretty certain I spell her name differently with each entry she is in, oops, sorry) have needs. God sees those needs and for whatever reason He has seen fit for our family to be here in Jos to be a part of serving these two specifically. I am grateful I have the gift of serving a God who takes pleasure in our family doing the best we can. I promise we really are doing the best that we know how, however small it might seem on some days.

Thanks for letting us serve with you. God bless your day of service to the world's needs around you, whatever they might look like.

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