Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My kids are standing with a man named Sunday. For those of you who are familiar with the Mexico ministry site, this man might be someone in John's life similar to his Celso in Mexico. We will see. So far he has been great for John to have for the cultural side of building as he has been working with him on the apartments that are going up on the SSE ministry compound. We are grateful.

Also, this is a photo of my mom and I getting our first African manicure and pedicure. They come to your home and there you go.... They said our feet are "softer" than a nigerian woman's foot... I think they were being kind that we are wimpy... For both the manicure and pedicure, it cost $7.50... not bad, huh?

Do you remember as a child, building forts? I do. My siblings and I would
get out the stools, the encyclopedias and the extra sheets and blankets and spend so much time making the perfect fort. Well, I was telling my children about it in the morning and they had a fun idea to try it here in Africa..... So here is the fruit of their two hour labor. They moved all the furniture in their bedroom (they are all sharing right now with company here and they love it) around and went to work. They then slept in it last night. Truth be told, not much sleep was had, but they watched a movie in there and then tried to sleep. They are currently putting it all away, etc... I love my kids.

Don't they look peaceful? I remember when they were all babies and the days seeme
d so long and tiring. OR, I felt the entire day was full of discipline, etc... BUT, I would go into their rooms at night while they were sleeping and it seemed that all the stress of baby care would go out the window and I would be refreshed in that one second moment to start the next day all over again. Too bad we cannot do that with everything that might cause stress in our life. You know what I mean? Look at it in the wee hours of the night and that stress would look peaceful and we would feel refreshed to start the next day all over again?

Right now we have a broken bathroom. I mean the toilet, the shower, the walls are all seeping gross water. It really is not a pretty site. John has had some full days lately fixing electrical sockets, open spaces in doors, power issues (we haven't had any for about 2 days now) and now we have a monster of a bathroom project that he will tackle on Saturday. Not fun, but we still try to look at it and close our eyes to open them again and wait for the peace to take place that refreshes our weary souls... Oh well, maybe we will try again tonight...

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