Thursday, July 1, 2010

minus one

So, our friend Agnes was picked up on Wednesday morning from the Children's home. Our director's went to say goodbye to her in the morning and they communicated that she was SUPER excited to leave and couldn't wait.

I think even with the excitement of one of the children leaving, my heart can even break more for the ones left behind. We went yesterday in the afternoon as usual and a few of the kids talked about how they missed her.

The little girl to the right, Hope, was her best friend. They shared a bed together and were about the same age. She said she missed her a lot. One of the older girls (Fumi, age 10) had her dad visit that same day, but he left without taking her with him. Can you imagine her heart as she sees one of the other girls being adopted and her dad just visiting on the same day.

I am glad we were able to go and encourage and support these kids yesterday. Who might even be feeling more left behind than they were probably last week.

Gus and Sarah brought their remote control cars and were so good about sharing them. The kids kept saying, "My turn for the motor now, right?" The last photo is of a newer version of twister and just having fun with the kids with their "lefts, rights, colors, etc" That is Fumi pictured with Sarah playing the game.

I hope someday some of you might be able to hold and play and laugh with these children. I really have become attached. It is interesting building relationships with these guys. It isn't as easy to "take vacation" from people as it is a "job". I am not real sure how this works, not that I am going on vacation soon, it is just a thought....

P.S. I don't know if some of you know this, but we had a man come and visit us in the February, and his main role was to create a video for B2B Nigeria. Okay, he also came to encourage and support the orphan.... thanks Chad!! BUT, we were super excited with the video that he produced. Anyway, somehow, the president of the entire nation got a copy of it and he addressed orphan care in Nigeria and then had some links attached. Back2Back's video was one of the links. I am going to attach the link and if you have time, I hope you can go on it and then click on our video, it is named "The heart of Nigeria", it is 5 min. 49 sec.

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  1. Hey Cor!

    Your link is broken, but I found it by the article name, people will have to cut and paste it into their browser - I can't post a direct link here:

    When the page pulled up it took a while to find the video, but if people will look under the 'video screen' there are three pages of videos linked to the main article. I found B2B's on page 3.

    The video is awesome! I'm speechless!