Friday, July 23, 2010

close ups

While Jessica, my mom and the kids and I went and had sooo much fun with the kids from OLA, John lovingly worked on our bathroom problem from yesterday. This 5 gallon bucket is full of you know what..... ughhh.... I am so thankful and grateful for John and his wisdom on how to fix everything.

This is Mary and Jessica. I think Mary has at leat 100 different facial expressions. Each one of them more precious than the other.

This is the older Mary and she learned to walk this past week. I felt so excited for her beginning steps. I couldn't tell who was more excited: her or me....

Kenny decided this week that Gus was his favorite. It was sweet as he started crying and scooting to where Gus was and when he got to my son, he buried his tears in Gus's lap. Man, we cannot get enough of Kenny as a family.

Lastly, Joe. It is just he and Daniel left, as the older children. I am thankful they have each other, but still feel sad for their age and life's circumstances. I think I will start praying more diligently for Joe as he starts entering a new season of his own life. He is ten.

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