Monday, January 3, 2011

a few changes

Things are changing for us here in a few months. We will be leaving Nigeria in April to report to the US office for a short time (about 4 months). The building project here is starting a little slower than expected so John will finalize the set up of the plans and building program and then we will leave. John has been working closely with a Nigerian Builder training him and setting him up to develop the project here. They have built some small buildings together, several water towers, an Education Center and an Apartment/House, so John could understand his abilities.

Our family will decide where God is leading us next during the 4 months in the US. We have been in the mission field for 6 years and need some time in the US to regroup a little. Please pray for us. We have come to learn that there are some missionaries who are called and then they stay and build up... then there are others who are called to equip and encourage and then move on... I really have no idea what our future holds, nor whether we will continue with this pattern. But at this point, it has seemed fit for the Lord to use us in the latter, and I am grateful for each and every experience for our family.

Jos has been great for our family. The kids have been attending a school called Hillcrest. A true blessing. It is a private school for Nigerians and Internationals run by missionaries who use curriculum from the US. The kids have at least 4 different nationalities in their classes. It has really made a difference for us that the kids can have a some relationships outside of what we do.
We have been really focused on a specific village outside of Jos. This is where we built the Education Center. We dedicate the Education Ctr this next week and start tutoring orphan children within the month. The teacher is from the US and is really excited about teaching the kids. It is fun to see things come together. The ministry has grown with more international staff and also has hired some more nationals to keep the momentum of moving forward at a high. To be truthful, the ministry is extremely blessed to call these men and women "co-laborers" in Christ. We are really excited about what is taking place here.

This decision has not been an easy one to make; however, we are learning that if the Lord leads us forward, we must obey. It almost doesn't seem like a choiceat all. I realize that for some of you reading this, it might appear "out of nowhere" and yet for others you might have a lot of questions as to our future. We really don't have many answers to these questions or thoughts except we are feeling called to yet another level of trust. As John and I were going through our "moments" of 2010, we were reminded of God's constant provisions and leading and it helped us realize that if He has called and provided for us this far, He will continue.

If you are a friend and/or supporter of ours, we ask that you will join us in prayer during our four month home assignment. Prayers that will help us discern what is next and the wisdom to follow through in a way that is best for our family. We continue to ask and continue to need the provisions that you have allowed us to have. We are not leaving Back2Back, just coming home for a home assignment and then go where the Lord leads. We NEVER, please hear us say, NEVER take for granted all the ways that God has used eachof you to encourage and equip us to encourage and equip others. Where we cannot repay you we pray that the Lord repays you ten fold in heaven as you will see the fruit of your ministry played out in our lives and the lives of others. If you are just someone who happens to read our blog and you are interested in what is being communicated. Please contact us through our email with specific questions you might have at We are blessed to call you each friends.


  1. I love your heart! Praying for peace and clarity as God moves you forward. The faith you all display at each turn in the road is an inspiration to me and many others I am sure! Can't wait to see you stateside!

  2. We love and support you as you continue to follow God's will for your lives! Blessings to you during this time of transition!

  3. You're always in our thoughts and look forward to what God has next for your family!

  4. Praying for God's direction to be made clear to you and Johnny.

  5. If the Lord doesn't bring you back to Jos, please know you'll be missed by the Winklers! (And we'll be sad that we didn't get to say a proper goodbye, unless you consider all that harassment in the Hillcrest parking lot at the craft fair a proper goodbye.) :-)

  6. Praying for you all :)

  7. Ditto Chris. ;) We will definitely miss your openness, your fun spirits and your laughs. (At least we can still see your lovely face, though, John, because every time we look at our Thanksgiving pics from 2009, there you are admidst the pictures. You know, since you stole our camera unbeknownst to us and loaded it up with pics of you. Ha ha ha.) Look forward to hearing where God leads you in this new year.


  8. Hey guys, We will most definitely be praying for you as the Lord moves you on. We know (from experience) and trust and hope through our faith that He will lead and guide you perfectly. Knowing the two of you, we know that the Lord has used you greatly in Jos and that He will use you greatly wherever He has already chosen to plant you. We miss you guys tons and hope that we can connect while you are closer. By the way, can you tell me if the last picture in your blog is a picture of the education center?
    God bless friends,