Sunday, January 23, 2011

House Of Cards-from GUS

A couple of days ago Sami and me got bored and started building pyramids out of cards.

First I tried An easy one just two cards at the bottom and then I did three cards at the bottom. After that I did four cards at the bottom and barely made it before my mom hit it down.
I kept trying to build one with five cards under it but it would keep falling down.

The reason this is short is because my mom is encouraging me to do a blog. I don't really want to do one because I have homework to do, and I want to finish it.

So I am sorry for how short it is.


  1. Gus,
    Great blog! I enjoyed reading about your card towers and seeing the photos. Hope you finished your homework :)
    For Christ's glory, Mrs. Woelk

  2. Good job Gus! I can't believe your mom would knock that over... (: