Wednesday, January 19, 2011

these are the days to remember

Yesterday the kids, my mom and I went to OLA to just visit. To be honest, it was the best morning I have ever spent there. Below is our OLA family. I have grown to love these children almost as much as my own. I feel completely overwhelmed by how much they have taught me and about leaving them when we move.

While most of us were sitting in the warm sun spot in their courtyard, I sent Daniel (the 10 year old boy) with my camera to take photos of the new renovations made with the last team.

It was so fun to see the new curtains in the older girls room. I loved them. I feel as if it gives them dignity to live in a room that looks age appropriate.

I don't know if you remember me communicating how some family held an OLA baby shower to fund a baby room makeover. This makeover is being done in phases, so as the team provided new curtains, new paint, new signs and mosquito nets for all the cribs, we await new cribs, mattresses, cloth diapers and other little items.

It will be beautiful, it already is so beautiful (relatively speaking). Our thought has always been... let's not just make a room that is good enough for an orphan, but let's make this room good enough for my child. That is our desire as a ministry. That is our standard - not an "it will do" mentality, but is this good enough for a child of God?!

Gosh, I am really going to miss these faces. Lucky and Daniel are the last two snaps here. I couldn't resist seeing how much they bundle their babies so they don't get sick. Cute little face poking out of the layers, right?

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